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Resume and Motivational Letter Preparation Services

An Investment in Exceptional Quality For Discriminating Professionals
The ResumeClinic.com is the resume products division of LDA Enterprises, Ltd.  Founded in 1980, our company has developed a well-deserved reputation for producing highly effective door opening resumes and motivational letters for the discriminating professional who demands exceptional quality.

StackOfResumes.jpgIf your current resume is not generating interviews, we can help.
Our fees are a little higher than other resume services because we invest the time and effort necessary to produce the best possible presentation of your skills and background. We also include value added features not offered by other resume services. Don't compromise quality by buying a mediocre economy priced product. Your future is too important. Remember that you usually get what you pay for. All of our products are individually created based upon information gained from our clients and are not based on a standardized format or template. It is critical that the resume correctly reflects the strength of your career and professional achievements as well as your most attractive personal attributes.  Our products are designed to stimulate the reader to action by communicating a concise, compelling, and motivating picture of the value you offer their organization.
Please direct inquiries to: resumes@employmentclinic.com

We offer 4 distinct resume and motivational letter products

1. Our standard professional resume service - $495.00
2. Our executive resume service - $895.00
3. The college graduate resume service - $225.00
4. Preparation of cover letters and other motivational letters or materials – $125.00
  • Please see our policies and stipulations following the description of product services.
  • All fees are paid as retainers at the time service is initiated. We accept payment by check, Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.

1.    Our standard professional resume service:

This service includes the following components:

A. If you have an existing resume, we ask that you fax, email, or send a hardcopy to us for review. If your resume is not current, please include a summary of all professional and educational changes or updates.

B. Additionally, we ask you to complete our 18-page information packet providing in-depth personal, educational, and employment background. We will then schedule a telephone consultation (limited to ½ hour) to clarify and expand on information you have provided. This allows us to produce a high quality, persuasive, and motivating biographical sketch of your background, talents, and capabilities.

C. We do all the creative writing necessary to correctly position your background, professional strengths, and personal achievements. You will have an opportunity to review and modify the initial version so our professional editing staff can implement necessary changes.

D. We provide you the completed 2-page resume electronically by email attachment plus 15 copies on white classic laid stationery sent by US mail (for US and Canadian clients only).

E. You will also receive a complimentary copy of our 41-page copyrighted interview skills booklet entitled "In Search of Interviewing Excellence." This is an invaluable tool to help you successfully navigate through the entire interviewing process. No other resume service will include this valuable guide at any price.

The total cost of this service is $495.00 and includes mailing and handling charges.

To order, click on the Resume Services Order Form link at the bottom of this page:

2.    Our executive resume service:

The executive resume service is recommended for professional with more than 15 years of experience, those who are in senior management positions, or entrepreneurs that have owned their own businesses and require a more comprehensive background discussion and additional planning/creative writing time.  This service includes all components of the standard professional resume service plus the following benefits:

A. Following our receipt of your material, we will schedule an in-depth telephone review and discussion (up to 1/2 hour) to ensure that we have necessary information to correctly position the strength of your background.

B. We will do all the creative writing and edit or revise your resume until it meets with your approval before we print the finished product. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

C. We will provide you with an electronic copy by email attachment, plus 25 copies of your 2-page resume on white classic-laid stationery sent by US mail (for US and Canadian clients only).

D. We will also provide you with a copy of our critically acclaimed job search workbook and guide entitled, "Tomorrow Is Today." This 240-page workbook is a complete, no nonsense, self-marketing instrument to facilitate and manage the entire search campaign. Within its pages are all the tools and information necessary to help you get and keep your next position including special sections on what to do if you are fired, how to gain the most from your professional references, tips that will assist you in managing your on-the-job growth, as well as valuable information for the entrepreneur. It also contains our indispensible interviewing skills guide entitled "In Search of Interviewing Excellence." No other resume service will provide this type of resource. It is a substantial value-added feature.

E. We will provide a detailed response by email to any two career related questions to assist you in your job search. No other resume service provides this enhancement feature.

The total cost of this service is $895.00 and includes shipping and handling charges.

To order, click on the Resume Services Order From link at the bottom of this page:


3.    The college graduate resume service:

This service is exclusively for new graduates of college, trade, or other professional schools who have little if any working experience.

This service includes the following components:

A. Your completion and our subsequent review of a 6-page background profile outlining your education, work history (including summer employment and internships), and personal, athletic, or academic accomplishments. This provides the information to create a persuasive professional resume highlighting your objective and the strength of your background while emphasizing your most important achievements.

B. Our staff will do all the creative writing and editing, and provide you with an electronic copy using the Microsoft® Word format.

C. Additionally, we will send you electronic copies of two of our valuable publications, "The employment Application" and "The Graduate - A Guide." These very useful tools will provide you important information and assistance do help in facilitating your job search.

The total cost of this resume service is $225.00.

Inquiries should be directed to: Resumes@EmploymentClinic.com


4.    Preparation of cover letters and other motivational materials

  • Cover letters
  • Interview follow-up letters
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Letters to search committee's
  • Letters to agencies or search firms
  • Letters of inquiry
  • Letters to accompany business plan funding proposals
  • Telephone marketing scripts

These and other types of motivational letters should not be massed produced.  The content must address qualifications as stated in an advertisement, provide information requested in a telephone conversation, or present a variety of other data to satisfy requested conditions or requirements.  Letters used for any important purpose should never be generically produced.  We offer the following services anytime an important letter or other type of motivational correspondence is necessary.

A. Our professional staff will write your motivational cover letter or interview follow-up letter based on information you provide. This letter may target a specific situation or advertisement you wish to address, or we can create a letter to use as a template that you may adapt as necessary. We recommend that both cover letters and interview follow-up letters be limited to one page. Lengthier letters are seldom read.

The fee for this service is $125.00 for each letter or letter template.  Purchasing a resume and cover letter package reduces the cost of the cover letter to $100.00.

B. For other types of letters, motivational correspondence, or telephone marketing scripts that are lengthier and require more information or creative work, we will contact you by telephone or email to ensure that we have enough information to convey your thoughts in a concise and motivational format.

Fees for this service will be quoted on an individual project basis.

To order, click on the Resume Services Order Form link at the bottom of this page:

  • If you wish to include a telephone consultation to deal with any career related issues or concerns, add $125.00 for a one-half hour session or $200.00 for a one hour session.
  • If you wish us to respond to any career related questions by email, the cost is $35.00 for a comprehensive response to one question, or $90.00 to respond to three questions.

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