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A Behavior Modification Methodology, Guide, and Workbook

To Manage the Job Search Process©


The complete guide for getting and keeping your next job

Author: Lawrence D. Alter

Published by L.D.A. Enterprises, Ltd.


It is estimated that 1 out of 3 workers attempts to change jobs each year in the United States.  That represents almost 50,000,000 job seekers, either employed or unemployed, who are seeking new employment annually.  Because of today’s highly competitive job market, it is not uncommon for over 200 people to respond to advertised openings.  To complicate matters only about 5% of all job seekers find a new opportunity through online postings.  As a result, the job search is often a very lengthy, emotional, and frustrating experience.


Both USA Today and The Wall Street Journal have highlighted the fact that only about 15% of all professionals find a new position through published openings (combining online and print media), 10% through utilizing the services of placement agencies or search firms, and a mere 5% through direct mailings.  Why then, would anyone focus over 90% of their time and effort in areas that represent only about 30% of all the potential opportunities?







One of the great myths about the job market is that the most qualified people always get the best jobs.  The truth is that they don’t.  The people who get hired are the ones who learn how to get hired, who then practice this skill, and as a result, are perceived as the most qualified.  L.D.A. Enterprises has developed a time tested, extremely proactive, and aggressive process of assisting professionals at all levels to effectively market themselves. This, critically acclaimed, 240-page workbook is an effective, no nonsense, self-marketing instrument to facilitate and manage the entire search campaign.  Contained in its pages are all the tools and information necessary to help you win your next position.  It also features special sections on what to do when you lose a job, valuable tips that will assist you in managing on-the-job growth, and indispensable information for the entrepreneur.  The following topics are included: 

  • Career assessment and goal setting materials 
  • Dealing with the employment application
  • How to write a motivating, productive resume and a cogent cover letter, with examples
  • Understanding and penetrating the “hidden” job market, accounting for 70% of all jobs
  • Effectively responding to published advertisements to generate interviews
  • Correctly utilizing search firms, employment agencies, recruiters, and consulting groups
  • How to use modern networking techniques to open doors and generate interviews
  • Use of the telephone as a valuable marketing tool.  Telemarketing yourself
  • Developing sound interview communication skills – understanding the preparation, proper conduct, and the best answers to commonly asked questions
  • Important interview follow-up techniques to enhance offer probabilities
  • Assessing the offer and negotiating your best package
  • Examples of cover letters, interview follow-up letters, letters to third-party organizations, etc.
  • Valuable information for the entrepreneur in starting or purchasing a business
  • What to do after the search is over
  • Useful job search forms that will help you to monitor your monthly activities, advertisements to which you respond, and networking contacts
  • Pre-interview preparation and post-interview evaluation forms
  • Career Fairs and how to make them productive resources
  • A section on how to handle employment references
  • A section on the Career Portfolio
  • Special sections devoted to the professional over age 50, the unique problems faced by both professional women and minorities, diversity issues, mentoring, starting a Job Club program, handling performance reviews, the new college graduate, what to do after the job search is concluded, how to handle a resignation, a section with information for parents on balancing work and family issues, and a COBRA law fact sheet

    Information about the author:

    Mr. Alter is a veteran sales/marketing executive and an established leader in the outplacement and career management industry.  He has over 28 years of experience successfully guiding thousands of professionals in achieving both their career and compensation goals.  His marketing methods have proven valuable in assisting people at all levels generate new and meaningful employment, start a consulting practice or business enterprise, better manage an existing employment situation, or deal with the politics related to internal career growth.  He has been equally effective in helping new college graduates launch their careers, mid-level managers on the way up, senior executives striving for greater challenge, professionals in the non-profit world, and those in their 50’s or 60’s who may be in the twilight of their career.  His clients have included a wide variety of business professionals, retired military officers, educators and educational administrators, and executives in the non-profit community.  Additionally he is a veteran mediator in facilitating negotiated solutions to critical business and personality issues.  He is an expert advisor and tactician at assisting in the negotiation of compensation packages and achieving equity opportunities, and is astute at assessment and strategy relating to the start-up or purchase of a business enterprise.

    He has successfully developed and managed the efforts of three major Midwest based career management firms, and is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of L.D.A. Enterprises, an Outplacement and career management firm focusing on career development, reference verification, and resume/motivational letter services for professionals in transition.  Mr. Alter is an acclaimed industry expert whose advice has been quoted in various publications including: Fortune Magazine, the Minneapolis Tribune, the Chicago Sun Times, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Tampa Florida Tribune, the Houston Chronicle, and numerous online periodicals.  His own column, the “EmploymentClinic” appeared for several years in the CareerBuilder section of Minnesota’s second largest newsprint publication, The St. Paul Pioneer Press.  Previously, he served as both Regional and National Sales Manager for several consumer products manufacturing companies.
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